New Chair & Treasurer Orientation 2021

Monday, August 2, 2021 at 10:30am Central Time  |  Zoom


Welcome  |  VIDEO
State Bar Master Calendar 2021-2022

Board of Directors  |  VIDEO
Board Advisor Assignments
Board of Directors Roster 2021-2022
Section Reps to the Board 2021-2022

Legal & Governing Documents  |  VIDEO
PPT: Legal Counsel
Public Information Act
Supreme Court State Bar Rules 2020
State Bar Policy Manual September 2020
.        Board Policy Manual – Sections Excerpt
State Bar Act (Govt Code Sect 81)
Strategic Plan FY 2021-2026

Annual Meeting & TBJ Ad  |  VIDEO
Annual Meeting June 2022 – Deadlines
Texas Bar Journal 2021 Advertising Media Kit

Section Finances and Treasurer Duties  |  VIDEO
PPT: Treasurer’s Responsibilities
Section Treasurer Guide 2021-2022
Vendor Authorization for Electronic Payment

Financial Policies & Procedures
Sample Financial Policy – Uses State Bar Accounting
Sample Financial Policy – Partially Uses State Bar Accounting
Sample Financial Policy – Uses Own Bookkeeper
Completed Financial Policy – Partially Uses State Bar Accounting
Completed Financial Policy – Uses Own Bookkeeper
Sample Reimbursement Policy (including Alcohol)
Sample Reserve Spend Down Policy

Eblasts & Newsletters
PPT:  Eblast and Newsletters
Newsletter Samples

Sections Department
PPT: Hit the Ground Running
Sections Department Contact Info
Section Staff Assignments  (Who is Your Point Person in the Sections Dept)
What We Do for Sections
Sample Master Calendars for a Section (REPTL & Litigation)

Live Event Deadlines Tracker
Zoom CLE Requirements
Zoom Cheat Sheet
Zoom MEETING Safety Settings
Zoom WEBINAR Safety Settings

VIDEO LINK: A Year in the Life of a Section Chair – Tina Green
PPT:  A Year in the Life of a Chair
VIDEO LINK: New State Bar Board Policy Manual for Sections – Kathryn Murphy
PPT:  New State Bar Board Policy Manual for Sections
VIDEO LINK: Sections Records Retention 101 – Caitlin Bumford
PPT:  Records Retention 101


MCLE Department
Accreditation and Information
.       Accreditation Standards Excerpt
Non-Accredited Topic List
Regulations as of Jan 1 2020
MCLE Guide for Bias Courses
MCLE Accreditation Fees

Research & Statistics
State Bar Full Statistical Profile
Diversity Statistical Profile
Women Statistical Profile
Section Membership Numbers JULY 2019
Section Membership Numbers JULY 2020
Section Membership Numbers JULY 2021
Sample Section Demographic Report

Membership Department
Member Benefits
Member Application – General 2021-2022
Member Application – New Lawyers 2021-2022
Member Application – Law Students 2021-2022

Legal Access Division
Sample Grant Application
Sample Grant Criteria
Sample Internship Application
Sample Scholarship Application

Records Retention
Records Retention Schedule
Records Disposition Log

TexasBarCLE & TYLA
TexasBarCLE – Section Benefits
TYLA at a Glance