New Chair & Treasurer Orientation 2022

Monday, August 1, 2022 at 9:00am Central Time  |  Zoom

RECORDING – Part 1 (Executive, Legal, Governance)
RECORDING – Part 2 (Annual Meeting & Marketing, Accounting & Finance)
RECORDING – Part 3 (Chair Info, Eblasts & Newsletters, Council Meetings & CLEs, Sections Dept. Info)

Executive Director’s Page
State Bar Master Calendar 2022-2023

Board of Directors
Board Advisor Assignments
Board of Directors Roster 2022-2023
Section Reps to the Board 2022-2023

Legal & Governing Documents
PPT: Legal Counsel
Public Information Act
Supreme Court State Bar Rules NOV 2021
State Bar Policy Manual JUN 2022
.        Board Policy Manual – Sections Excerpt
State Bar Act (Govt Code Sect 81) SEP 2021
Strategic Plan FY 2021-2026
Sample Bylaws

Bar & Bar Related Litigation
SBOT Quick Facts Page
McDonald v Firth & Related Timeline
5th Circuit Opinion

Legislative Timetable

Annual Meeting & TBJ Ad
Annual Meeting June 2023 – Deadlines
Texas Bar Journal 2022 Advertising Media Kit

Section Finances and Treasurer Duties
PPT: Treasurer’s Responsibilities
Section Treasurer Guide 2022-2023
Vendor Authorization for Electronic Payment

Financial Policies & Procedures
Sections Financial Internal Controls Policy
Sample Financial Policy – Uses State Bar Accounting
Sample Financial Policy – Partially Uses State Bar Accounting
Sample Financial Policy – Uses Own Bookkeeper
Completed Financial Policy – Partially Uses State Bar Accounting
Completed Financial Policy – Uses Own Bookkeeper
Sample Reimbursement Policy (including Alcohol)
Sample Reserve Spend Down Policy

A Year in the Life of a Section Chair
PPT:  A Year in the Life of a Chair
Chair Calendar 2022-2023

Eblasts, Newsletters, Meetings & CLEs
PPT:  Eblast, Newsletters, Meetings & CLEs
Newsletter Samples
In-Person Event Deadlines Tracker
Zoom CLE Requirements

Sections Department
PPT: Hit the Ground Running
Sections Department Contact Info
Section Staff Assignments  (Who is Your Point Person in the Sections Dept.)
Sample Master Calendars for a Section (REPTL & Litigation)

Records Retention
VIDEO LINK: Sections Records Retention 101 – Caitlin Bumford
PPT:  Records Retention 101
Records Retention Schedule
Records Disposition Log


MCLE Department
Accreditation and Information
.       Accreditation Standards Excerpt
Non-Accredited Topic List
Regulations as of Jan 1 2020
MCLE Guide for Bias Courses
MCLE Accreditation Fees

Research & Statistics
State Bar Full Statistical Profile 2022
Diversity Statistical Profile 2022
Women Statistical Profile 2022
Section Membership Numbers JULY 2019 (pre-covid)
Section Membership Numbers JULY 2021 (last year)
Section Membership Numbers JULY 2022 (current year)
Sample Section Demographic Report

Membership Department
Member Benefits
Member Application – General 2022-2023
Member Application – New Attorneys 2022-2023
Member Application – Law Students 2022-2023