Women and the Law


Traveling to a Foreign Destination: Transitioning from Trial to Your First Appeal 12/07/2023 1 hr / 0.5 ethics

Yolanda Cortes Mares

YCM Resume


Blind Spots: Maintaining Impartiality and Navigating Controversy as a Mediator and Attorney 05/09/2023 1 hr / 0 ethics Lisbeth Bulmash

Angela Downes

Intellectual Property (IP Issue Spotting When You Don’t Work in IP Every Day 03/22/2023 1 hr / 0 ethics Kirby Drake PPT; Paper
The Appellate Courts and the Legislative Session 02/08/2023 1 hr / 0 ethics Chief Justice Darlene Byrne PPT; Paper
Litigation Holds and the Preservation of Evidence 01/18/2023 1 hr / 0 ethics Emma Cano PPT
The Changing Landscape of Privacy and Cybersecurity 12/15/2022 1 hr / 0 ethics Clarissa Benavides PPT
What to Tell Your Friends: Practical Advice for Employees Facing Issues at Work 11/17/2022 1 hr / 0 ethics Kyla Cole PPT
Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Client from Getting Convicted by Something YOU Did In the Civil Case: 11/01/2022 1 hr / 0 ethics Lisa Greenberg PPT; Paper
Ramifications of the Dobb Decision 09/08/2022 1 hr / 0 ethics Trish Morin-Resch Loren Jacobson Laura Jordan Handout
Criminal Trials in a Post-Pandemic Reality 05/25/2022 1 hr / 0 ethics Judge Maria Salas Mendoza & Judge Audrey Moorehead N/A
Surprise! There’s a Deed: Suggestions for Handling Fraud in a Real Estate Transaction 03/08/2022 1 hr / 0 ethics Cassie McGarvey PPT
Proper Use of Flat Fees 02/17/2022 1 hr / 0 ethics Brita Long N/A